Yoga Practice for Enhanced Dream Recall

Do You know about a Yoga Practice to Enhance Dream Recall? Maybe you practice yoga on a regular basis. I know one of my many sisters (I have 5) has practiced yoga for several decades. It has improved her knowledge of her own body. She monitors her energy, and during the course of the years she has even learned to manage it consciously. Let me know what your experience is (even though I am not a yoga teacher).

Yoga Dream Recall: Patience

When I was a kid in the seventies of this century, transcendental meditation was hot. I remember taking the pillow from my bed and trying to stand on my head because it was supposed to be healthy.

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But I never have had the patience to dive into the world of yoga. It is very hard for me to sit for more than 5 minutes. You know that song People Got to Move? That’s me.

It’s not only bad that I can not sit still. I get a lot of things done! I read while I make mental notes about the next Mindfunda, I take my daily walk while I contemplate my next blog, I mumble to practice my next presentation while I pack my bag to go and see a client.

But when I was invited to give a presentation about dreams at the chapel of the Dutch town of Vorstenbosch, I had a chance to talk to a lady called Gerry Rooijakkers.

Yoga: 4 Days

There are quite a few people with a lack of dream recall (I got a free e-book for you to download 10 tips to improve it). And a lot of my customers have an excessive dream recall but I will write a blog about that in the near future).

But when I was talking to Gerry Rooijakkers after I had given my presentation, she told me about a simple yoga practice you can start doing today.


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I promised her I would do this exercise for 4 days, because she told me that is the number of days it would take to have an effect.

And I keep my promises. I practiced every day and I experienced and improvement in dream recall. So I decided to share this experience with you.

Yoga Practice Dream Recall: The Exercise

Here is what you do.

You lie down your back. You bend your knees and start kicking your buttock with the heels of your foot.

Each time you try to kick yourself, you push away your leg in any direction.

Mind you: If you do it before you go to sleep like I did: your heart starts racing and it is more difficult to fall asleep. So you’d better practice this during the day…

It’s that simple.

Now here are the results from the jury.

I started doing this the night Gerry told me about this. The first night I had a vague memory of images from my dreams.

The second night, I had a hint of a memory that faded once I was awake (you need to write down dreams as soon as possible).


The third and the fourth night I had a very good dream recall. I hope I have given you some valid dream information. Let me know if you had success practicing it.




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