Goddess: 4 blogs to integrate the goddess into your life

Do you consider yourself a Goddess? You should. The Goddess is the earth. We are all part of the earth. But the Goddess is more. She is also that spiritual vessel that brings love in new unexpected ways. She is connected with the moon. And she is in our time represented as Eve, as mother Mary. In Mindfunda's new blog series about the Goddess I will be joined by two guest bloggers.

Mindfunda explores the Goddess in 4 blogs

The Goddess was hot in the seventies of last century. Marija Gimbutas put the Goddess back on the map. She inspired a lot of scientists, anthropologists and mythologists up to this day. But the attention for the Goddess seems to have faded away. Mindfunda want to invite you to reconnect with the Goddess. During the month of November Mindfunda will share 5 blogs:

The Goddess, 4 blogs to intergrate the Goddes in your life.

Eve as Goddess: a Guest blog written by Susan Scott, of the Garden of Eden.

Triple Goddess dreaming: an alliance with the moon.

The Goddess and the Earth: a Guest blog written by Trista Hendren

A review of “The Book of She” written by Sara Avant Stover.

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The Goddess guest bloggers

Susan Scott author and blogger on Garden of Eden will write about the Goddess as we know her today, in the persona of Eve.

Susan Scott
Photo Dulcie Horn

Trista Hendren, author and blogger of The Girl God will share her view on the Goddess and the earth.

I will share a blog about a project I did in my group of psi-dreamers, a group of remarkable dreamers who gather twice a month online to engage in a dream project. Mutual dreaming, lucid dreaming, precognitive dreaming. About a year ago I proposed a series of dream incubations centred around the moon. The New Moon devoted to the Maiden, an incubation devoted to Shakti and an incubation devoted to the Crone.

In the last blog in this series I will review The Book of she written by Sara Avant Stover.

Your heroine’s journey into the heart of feminine power. This book is the female version of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Sara, inspired by Maureen Murdock who wrote the Heroine’s Journey in 1990 has written a practical book filled with exercises to connect with the Goddess principle.

The Goddess in history

In the Stone age, the Sumerian people developed writing. So since then we are able to recapture their beliefs and their insights, their mythologies and their knowledge. Before that time, as early as 22 thousand years before Christ there were pictures and statues of woman goddesses. So how do we know this was not just the girl next door? The common features. The big breasts, the vulva, it all indicates fertility. In the Paleolithic time, the early stone age, the Goddess was associated with animals like the deer, the horse and the bear. The bear is probably the oldest sacred animal of all, known from the carefully arranged skulls in the mountain caves used by the Neanderthal race before the last Ice age about 75 thousand years BC.

In the Neolithic time when agriculture started to develop, the

Venus of Brassempoury
Picture: klimtlover.wordpress.com

Goddess was associated with the harvest and the horn of prosperity (the horn that also symbolises the crescent moon). The Moon is connected with the Goddess: the 4 phases of the moon: new moon, first quarter, new moon. The dark period when the moon disappears is associated with the Dark Goddess, the one who takes and withdraws. Ancient people used to be up all night and sing and dance to let the moon know they loved her so she would come back. The dance of the moon in the sky is like a serpent and the paintings on caves found in this period are serpent-like, the animal associated with rebirth. (Anne Baring and Jules Cashford in The myth of the Goddess).

Reconnect with the Goddess

In the seventies, Marija Gimbutas put the Goddess back on the map. She proposed a theory of matriarchal societies, thrown over by patriarchy. Her ideas stroke a cord with many people. And even though the theory has never been proven, her ideas intrigued lots of interesting books and researches. Ralph Metzner, author of The Well of Remembrance, is one example of how her ideas changed the world.

The Goddess seemed to have disappeared, with only a few people connecting with the Goddess principle in their lives, in their bodies, in the things they eat and in the things that they belief in. We crave to find that vessel of spirituality again, now lost in a world of rational beliefs. Come and join me on a path of discovery.

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    3 thoughts on “Goddess: 4 blogs to integrate the goddess into your life”

    1. Wonderful article … looking forward to reading more. My discovery of your website; a ‘Goddess’ given moment. Just to read the word ‘Goddess’ alone and my whole being vibrates.

    2. Good on Marija Gimbutas putting the goddess back on the map Susanne. We have lost our connection to the mother nature and our spirituality; but we can re-connect, re-member and come back stronger and wiser. Thank you for this post.

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