The 5 Finest Fundamental Female Ways to Become Authentic

Do you want to understand more about yourself, your dreams and the struggles of your life? Today I like to tell you more about our online course Mindfunda Mythology.

This is the third of a six part blog about Mindfunda Mythology, an online course that will make your life easier:

The Creation myth: Genesis and The Big Bang
The Amazing Animal: The Animal in Mythology
Mythology of Men 
Mythology of Women
Mythology of the Trickster
Mythology of the Grail, Pulling Out the Sword
Female in mythology

In this blog I am going to share with you the information that composes the symphony of the fourth lesson of my online Mindfunda Mythology course. Each of the six lessons will give you about 25-30 pages of information. Each lesson has open-ended questions that will help you to interpret your dream diary in a different way. At least, that is what former participants have told me. Each lesson contains a list of recommended books to read. Mindfunda Mythology is a roadmap into self discovery. This blog will give you 5 ways to become more authentic.

Art by Carlos Quevedo
#1: Female & the body principle

The first paragraph in Mindfunda Mythology of Women is about the body.  I was born in a female body. I like it. It took me a long time, I might add. When I was young I used to be called names for having such weird eyes. It made me sad and I wanted nothing more than to change myself. To be normal. More caucasian looking. Like my older sister with her blond hair and blue eyes. It seemed like she had the world at her feet.

The ultimate nightmare happened when I was given the part of Miss Piggy in a school play. Everybody in my class was making jokes and laughing about it. Being so humiliated in public, I decided to make myself as invisible as possible for the public eye. Being introverted, that is rather easy.

Copyright © The Jim Henson Company

Having children and growing older have changed the perception of my body. I am truly thankful that my body has done so much for me. And our time-spirit  has made being different become desirable. Acceptance is key. Becoming older is the fuel.

Let’s celebrate the way we are different. Different from the perfect models who are allowed to eat and have to Botox every sign of wisdom away! Miss Piggy and I we accepted each other: the divine Miss P.

#2:Female and the archetypes

Being Jungian, in my course Mindfunda Mythology  I devote a lot of time to female archetypes. It is an intuitive typology of possible female behaviour. The female archetypes are the Queen, the Mother, the Wise Woman and the Trickster.

To explain those archetypes I use famous females. I believe that people become stars because they behave in an archetypical way.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi


Would you be able to determine which female archetype is represented by Stevie Nicks, Olivia Newton John, Meryl Streep, and Kathleen Turner ? Once you have finished this chapter of the six lesson course Mindfunda Mythology you will do so with ease. But let me know in the comments what you think, I would love to read your responses.

#3:Female and authenticity

I think my problem as a young girl is standard among women worldwide. You don’t feel valued if you don’t have certain physical features.

The rules are not spoken out loud. It is much more subtle. The beautiful girls get the attention. And invisibility hurts. You need to cope with that.

Society offers operations, make up, Botox. Don’t get me wrong. I would sign up right away if there was an affordable way for me to Botox away my frown wrinkles.

But the real solution is accepting and celebrating your authenticity. Ageing and Becoming is a good example of how two women, Susan Scott and Susan Schwartz embrace getting older.

Remember Women who Run With Wolves? The chapter in the course that involves becoming authentic discusses the story of Manawee.

Buy the book using this link and support the good work of Mindfunda

Manawee wants to marry two sisters but their father wants Mannawee to guess their names.

What does your name mean? Do you like your name? Does it fit the person you have grown into?

#4:Female and Decent

The most ultimate myth of any female is the one of Persephone and Demeter. The story of going to hell, losing your mother and finding your mate. The story about how each female needs to find a way to make hell a fertile place.

Here you can see Connie Kaplan talking about the importance of this myth for a female.

Artwork: Persephone and Demeter

Demeter, the mother archetype loses her daughter Persephone. Persephone has been abducted by the ruler of the underworld. While Demeter searches and mourns, Persephone becomes queen.

Have you become queen or are you still daughter?

#5:Jung and his anima

In the next chapter of Mindfunda Mythology we will explore how Jung created the concept of the anima by looking at his own life.

Jung was a living example of his own theory so we will explore some fertile grounds for self-development. The Red Book can be interpreted as a map for anima discovery.

Mindfunda Mythology for a fresh start


Using the exercises that accompany each lesson in this Mythology Course, you will experience an increased level of self understanding.


In the bonus paragraph of the course I will repeat all the possible archetypes and their variations in a very insightful table. After you have finished this lesson you will be knowledgable about both the male as the female side of your own personality. With that knowledge it will be so much easier to understand why people act the way they do.

All Excited? Mindfunda Mythology is designed to make the journey of your life easier. You will get:

  • Knowledge about the Sefiroth, the Cabalistic Tree of Life;
  • You will be introduced to the two main categories of myth so you can (re)connect with the strength of your inner animal;
  • You will have access to al the 24 possible ways of behaviour of male and female archetypes;
  • You will be able to tap into the power of the Trickster whenever you feel reluctant to follow the call of your own path;
  • All these methods and techniques will enable you to enlighten your inner fire, your personal Grail;
  • You will get 44 exercises during the course, an average 6 – 10 exercises per lesson to help you master the knowledge.

Let me know in the comments which female archetype you like best: the Queen, the Mother, the Wise Woman or the Trickster.

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      6 thoughts on “The 5 Finest Fundamental Female Ways to Become Authentic”

      1. Oh, I see my comment didn’t appear here! It has now gone straight to you on another link I guess Susanne? I agree Deborah the heading is eye-catching indeed!

        As a small child I was the ugly frog in the play who the princess had to kiss so that the frog could turn into a prince. When the curtains opened I started giggling and got hysterical so that the curtains closed – there were some pretty cross people. I suppose in me the Trickster may have been born? And now as I think about it, there have been a few incidences that I recall where the trickster was at play – an amazing synchronicity that I must pay attention to – I’ve made a note to explore this …

        Deborah, thank you re your comment re the book! xxx

        1. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. I can vividly imagine you as little girl giggling do hard that a play had to be postponed. What a lovely child you were. If we had been at school together, we would have been best friends. The trickster is a powerful inner energy that gives movement, it is the catalyst of changes. My next post in this series will be about my Mindfunda lesson about the Trickster.

      2. A quarternity, and wholeness of “F” words, perfection! Susanne, that’s a breathtakingly beautiful header image! Yes, let’s celebrate difference not judge ourselves up against others. Thank you for sharing your stories, especially the “Divine Miss Piggy!” one. As a child I was deeply introverted too, and was once given a role in a school play based on how “Jewish” my nose looked, so can relate much to being teased and taunted for my appearance.

        A wonderfully rich article that stimulates mind, body, spirit and soul! Much inspiration firing off within now, thank you! You mention so many fabulous books here, and myths too. I’m waiting the arrival of the “Susan’s” latest book, “Aging and Becoming” and having read your review here on Mindfunda, I can’t wait! Blessings always, Deborah.

        1. Hi Deborah, thank you for sharing your story, Such a shame that teachers are not a bit more sensitive in this issue isn’t it? My husband in his schoolplay was given the leading role, just because he was very shy at that time, such a thing is so terrific.

          You will enjoy the book of the Susan’s so much. Curl up in your favourite chair and dwell in their wisdom, you will have a marvellous time.

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