Loki, a Loud Loser or a Lucky Lord?

This is a blog about Loki, subject of our third lesson in the online Norse Mythology Course.



The first lesson, starting March 20 2017 is dedicated to Freya, the spring and fertility;
The second lesson, starting March 27 2017, will be dedicated to Odin;

The third lesson, starting April 3 2017, is dedicated to our inner trickster Loki;
The last lesson, starting April 10 2017, we will concentrate on connecting in a lucid dream with the goddess underneath Yggdrasil, who dreams up the cosmos.

Loki Lucky Lord

Loki always seems to escape the harm that he does. He easily outsmarts his victims and he is always the one who walks away seemingly unharmed.
He is the only male god who is also a mother. He is the mother of Sleipnir…

He is the god of fire and mischief, the evil twin of Odin. Odin is like Faust. Loki like Mephistopheles. Loki has Mercurial qualities that enable him to stir up just enough trouble to make you question everything you believe in.

He is the only Giant that is allowed to live among the gods. He is an ultimate trickster that tells about their infidelities. He tells Odin that Freya has slept with the four dwarfs Afrigg, Dvalin, Berling and Grerr in order to get the necklace that makes her irresistible.


Loki and Indur

He is the one who deprives the gods of their rejuvenating apples. But one day he goes to far.

Loki Loud Loser

If there is one thing mythology teaches you it is that there is something called fate. When Odin got his beloved son Baldr, a seer told him that Baldr would be murdered. And that it would lead to Ragnarok, the destruction of life as the people of that time knew it.

We seem to be addicted to such end of life stories. In the games my sons play, the earth is destroyed, only some survive and have to rebuild the world from scratch.

In many tv series a similar theme prevails. The world will be destroyed by a powerful enemy and a hero or a group of hero’s will safe it.

One day, Loki went to far and the light of the world, the symbol of clairvoyance Baldr was killed.

Loki on Mindfunda Norse Mythology

In this lesson you will find out more incredible stories about the pranks that Loki pulls on the other gods.

We will look closer at the half-brother relationship between Odin and Loki.

We will laugh about how Loki had to borrow the feathered robe of Freya to get Thor’s Hammer back.

You will have an inspiring dream incubation so you can dream up all the ways in which you are or have been your own trickster.

And last but not least, there is a paragraph about the fate of Loki, which will help you determine what your thoughts are about predestination. You might be holding yourself back more than you think!

I hope to see you March 20


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