The magic of the number 12

Why do we have 12 Holy Days at Christmas? And what is this special magic about the number 12? Dip into this magic by signing up for Mindfunda’s Holy Night Dreaming. For Five Years Mindfunda has been organizing this Online Event that you can enjoy at Home. A Christmas Time Soul Journey

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Mindfunda invites you for a Christmas celebration you will remember. For just 79 dollars you get exclusive access to a restricted private area on Mindfunda during the Holy Nights. Each night between December 24 and January 5 I will share a mythological story about the Giant Celtic Goddess of Winter the Cailleach. Each day I will share a dream incubation with you aimed at a specific step in our journey towards the inner light. Ancient believe says that you’s be able to dream for events to come in the New year.  You become part of a Closed off private Facebook group where you can share your dreams with other participants.

If you are interested in Celtic Mythology, Dream Sharing and a Spiritual Journey this is interesting for you.

The 12 Holy Days (and 13 Holy Nights)


The old presumption that on January 1 the Earth was as close as possible to the Earth. So the five and a half days before, and five and a half days after that day, together sum up the 12 days of Christmas. On each day we travel inward and meditate so in the night we can dream about what is to come. We are sowing the seeds for next year so we got to be careful that these are the seeds of love.

The Song 12 days of Christmas

You must know the song “12 days of Christmas“. This old song stems back to the middle ages. The True love in the song is the love of the Should, born on Christmas day.


One is the Self: You are the one who experiences the world;

Two is the couple or the duality in the world: two sexes, left and right, good and bad, two eyes to perceive reality, conscious and subconscious, perceiving and connecting that perception to something you know;

Three is the product of one and two: the child.  Subconscious and conscious create the ego. Perception of the world gets connection in the brain and forms memory. A line formed between two points gets a whole new shape when a third number is included: it raises in height and forms a triangle;

Four are the number of directions to take when walking te path of life: North, South East, West. In the eyes of Carl Jung there are four stages of life. Childhood,  Puberty with the launch of hormones and sexuality, Adulthood and Old Age. Four represents order and stability

Five is the number of Quintessence. The wholeness of four still misses one factor: the spirit. The essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form. Like the number three, five also reshapes the order of the previous number.

Six: It’s symmetry suggest the philosophical conception of Beauty. This is the direct outcome of ideas expressed by the preceding numerals…. Balance, equilibration, symmetry, beauty; harmony of opposites, reciprocity; complementary activities, polarity, love. It is named Intelligence of Meditating Influence or Intelligence of Separated Emanations.

Seven is an important number in several cultures. Seven Chakra’s, Seven Deadly Sins, Seven colors of the rainbow, seven days of the week. A number of wisdom.

Eight is infinity or the snake that bites its own tale. To the four directions another four can be added: North West, South West, North East and South East. 8 has a centre point in the middle where lines meet.

Nine is the highest single digit number and therefore it has magic qualities.

Ten brings us back to one because 1 +0 = one.

Jesus had 12 Apostles. Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, had 12 deities on his solar boat. There were 12 Gods living on the Olympus. There are 12 acupuncture meridians  in the body. Remember Cinderella? 12 o’clock was a turning point in her life. She descended from the Otherworld to the normal world. And while running she lost a shoe. Her soles (soul) kissed the Earth.

Artwork: Disney

In numerology, 1 signifies the beginning of the universe (or the Self), while 2 symbolizes partnership and cooperation.
If you want to master an unhealthy addiction, you follow the 12 step program.

There is magic in the number 12. Mindfunda invites you to experience it during the Holy Night Event. It’s Easy, It’s fun and you will learn how mythology still resonates with your life right now.

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