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Motivation is a funny thing. It comes and goes like the waves of a tide. I have not published as many Mindfunda’s as I set out to do at the beginning of the year. I wanted to write a Mindfunda every other day. And in numerous textbooks that I had to learn at University, I know that the ultimate form of motivation comes from within. Intrinsic motivation. I agree with you that it is an incredible vague concept. Let’s try to define it in more tangible form. No promises, just an exploration with personal examples.

Motivation Pitfalls

I always get a little edgy when I hear “it is not about the destination, it is about the journey”. I agree with you that I should meditate more soften so I can attain more inner peace. But I want to achieve certain goals, and for me that is fun.

So how can you change your A-type personality into a relaxed B-type that enjoys the journey? Maybe the essential first step is to NOT try to become that B-type personality…



For example, when I stopped smoking, I succeeded by changing one habit for another. So every time I craved nicotine, I drank a glass of water with lemon juice.

So I decided today that I would write about my own inner journey, my struggle every now and then, to come up with interesting blogs. That is a good subject for a blog isn’t it?

Motivation Juice

Like any blogger, about once a week I seriously contemplate stopping. Because in my rhythm of writing every other day, on days that i am not writing, i am working behind the scenes. Trying to make my blogs more goo-gable to increase visitors.

Watching YouTube films with tips on how to increase comments (being heartbroken whenever nobody comments anything). Applying tips to induce comments -> asking questions: How do you solve motivation problems my dear reader? Let me know in the comments

But when nothing helps, my motivation drops dangerously. Now it is not for you my dear readers to come to the rescue. You are my readers, not my therapists.

I usually get motivated when I move. When i get away from that computer screen and go to walking. Even if it is just a strawl to the supermarket, to buy some groceries.

Motivation in Creation

One of the things that motivates me more than anything else is to provide people with the information they need to make their life better.

I cherish the moments that I have experienced in my work when I could give someone information that triggered an inner connection.

Sometimes that happens in my work as psychologist. One time I was working with a girl who suddenly made an important connection between her thoughts about death and the loss of her grandfather at a young age.

Sometimes it happens in my work as mythologist. When you discover who played the role of trickster  in your life it can bring a new meaning to the story of your life.

Motivation: a Tangible Definition

At the beginning of this blog, I made a promise. I would redefine intrinsic motivation in a measurable way. I agree that up till now, I failed miserably.

How do you measure motivation? Motivation is defined as the measurable force that enables action. Or as the Americans say: Just (f) do it!

But there is also process focussed motivation. The reading of new books I do to write reviews on Mindfunda. it costs a lot of time, does not bring in any money but it keeps me informed of the latest theoretical changes in my line of business.

This type of motivation is hard to measure. Furthermore, if you do many tasks that require process focused motivation, you have the danger of getting trapped in a negative circle.

No measurable outcomes can make you wonder if you are capable of doing the tasks you have set out to do.


And that is most of the time the reason behind my weekly de-motivation. I hope you liked my brutally honest Mindfunda. let me know in the comments how you motivate yourself.


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    1 thought on “Mind Your Motivation”

    1. Hi Susanne, Great post! Perhaps because of my own typology, being an INFP, with strong feeling and intuition, and a poetic nature, I’m just not wired up to push myself, in any motivational way … hmm, so within I’m guess I have a hidden intellectual, work-a-holic, A type personality! Thank goodness we’re all different, and I agree trying to be more or less “motivated” than we actually are isn’t the answer at all. Ha-ha! I enjoyed the insertion of cartoons, especially the cremation sign, so funny!

      Like you, whenever I need to think things through I find pulling on my walking boots and going out is the best answer. Personally, I don’t choose to write more than once a week, and am happy with the small group of like-minded souls who gravitate to my poetry blog, and love reading their wonderful blogs too … your being one of those. In the mythical race between the Hare and the Tortoise, I’m definitely more Tortoise-like, well, on the outside at least … within, I guess there’s another story going on! Blessings always, Deborah.

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