Spirit: Sensual Guide or Senseless Spirituality?

This Mindfunda is about Spirit. It is not about how to perform a séance. It is about connecting with the inner vibe that let’s you know you are alive.

Spirit: a Synonym for Vagueness?

Whenever I mention that my expertise are dreams and dreaming, people get a bit scared. “That is way to gibberish for me” they say while they slowly back away.

At parties, usually my husband talks a lot about his work, while mine is hardly ever mentioned. “You are busy with all that complicated stuff, research and online courses”.

spiritAnd what I want to talk about is that vague (?) feeling you get when you feel life floating: spirt.

  • When, after a long walk, you reach the top of a mountain and enjoy, no admire the view;
  • When you have survived a near death experience and you start celebrating each moment in the sun;
  • When you explore things in lucid dreams that increase you r knowledge of life and your ability to solve problems;
  • When you reach that age that allows you to fall in love with yourself.

Spirit in Dreams

In Norse Mythology Baldr, son of Odin and Frigg, foresaw his own death in dreams. There was no need to use any dream dictionary. Baldr woke up frightened, told his dream to the other gods and everyone knew something bad was going to happen.


On the other side of the equation: dreams can be seen as mere chatter of the brain. In the book about neuroscientist Ramon Y Cajal, it became clear that even if he wanted to describe dreams as random, one could clearly distinguish patterns of meaning in his dreams.

Have you ever experienced a predictive dream? I have noticed that most of the time, when this happens, a very emotional event will take place. What is your experience?

Spirit in Death

You don’t know what you got till you lose it.  When I read On Dreams and Death written by Marie-Louise von Franz (actually I studied it carefully, scanning my dream journal for signs about a possible upcoming death) I started to realize that when people face death, they feel alive.

The hero’s who safe other people’s lives and thereby risking their own, usually say they acted without thinking about it. But they all admit that they felt more alive than ever while doing their good work.

Can you imagine doing something like that? Risking your own life for a stranger?

Spirit in Life

We usually go through life in random motions. Wake up about the same time each day, go to sleep at about the same time each night.

Dedicate ourselves to our dreams, or go to sleep and never remember one of them.

We go to work and back home and one day you wake up to experience that life has passed you by.

Time to call the spirit…

Promise yourself that you will devote time everyday to yourself. Five minutes spirit time. Devote it to your dreams. To poetry, to books you want to read. Let me know how your life has improved by doing so.



What is Mindfunda about?

My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist, blogger and author. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study in psychology at Tilburg University. I made this independant site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life.

This posting is categorised as Spirifunda:
psychology for everyday with a spiritual layer of meaning, searching for the soul. Our brains are wired for believe in magic. In a world filled with rationality, you sometimes need a little magic, a little “I wonder why”. Synchronicity, the insights of Carl Jung, the mythology used by Freud, the archetypical layers in the Tarot, the wisdom of the I Tjing, Shamanism, the oldest religion of humanity, all that information gets published in the Spirifunda section of Mindfunda.

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