3 things you should know about a Visitation Dream

A Visitation Dream is like an orgasm. If you had one, you know it. There is no doubt about it. A visitation dream is a special kind of dream.

“Visitation dreams have an even more illustrious historical and cultural background. Dreams of dead ancestors are a prominent and well-known experience found in virtually every indigenous culture studied by Western anthropologists and ethnographers.”
Kelly Bulkeley, “Big dreams: The science of dreaming & the origins of religion.” 2016, p. 77. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

visitation dream

According to indigenous people, the veil between the realms of being get thinner in the time between spring equinox and winter solstice. That time is celebrated during Samhain (pronounce as Sow-in). The night between October 31 and November 1 has been celebrated for centuries as the day to connect with your lost loved ones. it is the perfect time to prepare your dreaming mind for a visitation dream.

Visitation Dream tip#1

You have no doubt. Your loved one came to visit you. He/She has a message. Usually it is a message of love. When I dreamed about my father, a year after he had died, I wanted to embrace him, but as soon as I did, he vanished into sparkles of light. You can read more about this dream and other dreams in this book: “A Dreamers’ Guide Through the Land of the Deceased”.

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In the book I have interpreted more than 100 dreams as a road map that our dreams tell us about.


This time is perfect to concentrate on deceased loved ones and invite them to give you a message in your dreams. You could create your own ritual. A ritual has several components. I would like to mention two important ones. There has to be a mental as well as a physical component to it.


visitation dream


For instance: when you are a Catholic you are supposed not to eat before you share the holy bread in church. That is a physical component. Combine that with a spiritual element like being in a special place, spending the day in nature, meditating, creating an altar dedicated to your loved one and you prepare yourself for a dream with a message.


After creating and performing your personal ritual, write your own incubation. An incubation is a powerful way to stimulate your dreaming mind. Sit down and write who you want to meet and why. Don’t worry if it is an emotional message. You are the only one reading it. Our your heart and soul in it. End the message with one sentence. “Tonight I will dream about … I will remember and understand the dream”. Envision yourself writing down your dream the next day in your dream journal. Now lay the message aside and continue your day.

visitation dream
Garfield sleeping

Right before you go to sleep you pick up your message again and you mumble it silently to yourself when you are alone. If you are not alone, memorize the last sentence and concentrate on it when you are in bed and prepare to fall asleep.

Happy Halloween, with lots of special dreams.

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