Woman Most Wild, 3 Keys to Liberating the Witch Within

Woman Most Wild, three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within
by Danielle Dusky
New World Library, 2017, $10.84 paperback ISBN-13: 9781608684663; kindle $13.51 ISBN-10: 1608684660
reviewed by Drs. Susanne van Doorn

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We are the living feminine, Sister, and we have a cosmically sanctioned right to check in and check out in accordance with our inner resources” (page 12).

Years ago I wanted to be part of a witches coven. I called the number, and an antagonised woman whispered to me: “Please don’t call me at work”. I knew at that moment that this was not the group for me. How can you be a witch and want to keep it secret? So you can imagine that my hopes grew into an internal flame when I got the review copy of this book. And indeed, I love it.

Witch Within

Twenty-five years  after the publication of Women Who run with the Wolves this book promises to help you unleash your inner Witch. Woman Most Wild is clearly inspired by this classic. The inner Wolf-Woman is celebrated as an ideal role model. This book does not use (mythological) stories as often as Women Who Run with the Wolves did. In this book you, as a (female) reader are spoken to in a very direct way by the writer, as if she is sitting next to you.

Danielle explains that there are not one, not two, but three keys to unlock the broom closet and fly away to kiss the moon.

Cartoon: S media cache


Danielle says on page 4: “I call you out as a Witch but offer you no religion. Instead, what I offer you in these pages are glimpses of how your soft and perfect being may be infused with the marrow of ritual, magick, and circle-craft”.

In the book magic is spelled with -ck, it is the archaic spelling, not a typo.

“By magick, I mean both the mysterious interconnectivity of the cosmic web that permits alchemical changes in the human community and the outcome of your own agency in creating shifts in your world” (page 85).

This is a wonderful promise. You don’t only get to know yourself better, you also get the promise to learn some magic.

Susanne dressed up as the World Wide Witch 
Photo: Bhaskar Banerji

 I like that. An affordable book, with 242 pages of practical advice and guided meditations.

Witch and the Inner Cycles

The three keys that Danielle Dusky describes, all have to do with (re)connecting with the cycles of nature. The cycle of the moon, the cycle of the sun, the cycle of the seasons, and the cycle of life.

I truly discovered the power of the moon after reading A woman’s Book of Dreams written by Connie Kaplan. It made me appreciate the connection between the moon and dreams.

Illusion of the Square
Leonardo da Vinci drawing sketch

(Re)Connecting with the cycles inside your body and outside in nature, you will be confronted with inner pain. “A true healer promises nothing. She digs deep, calls forth, and busts open” (page 114).


The 3 keys to unlock your broom closet are:

  • your wild rhythm;
  • your wild ritual;
  • and your wild cycle.


Key #1: Witch and the Wild Rhythm


The wild rhythm is to be found in the moon, the sun and in the blood. I really like the thorough knowledge of cycles. This knowledge will help you hear the music to dance to while living your life.

Photo found on Flickr

Danielle talks with ease about the cycles of the moon and how they affect each woman.

“Living in alignment with lunar changes will serve you so much more than living in accordance with any calendar. Your soul will be nourished every time you invoke the essence of a lunar phase, harnessing the warrior-woman energy of a new moon, the sheer, electric force of a full moon, the release and acceptance that comes with the waning phase, and the oh-so-potent thick void of a dark moon” (page 17).

Cartoon: Calvin & Hobbs

With the same ease she talks about how the sun, the seasons affect each woman.

“While the moon calls you to surrender to your soul’s purpose on Earth, the sun begs you to remember your role in the cosmic dance” (page 35).

Finally  the chakra’s are discussed as another manifestation of the cycle of the body.

“The bones of our social structures are hard and masculine, but the marrow, my love, the juicy marrow is feminine. The bones have forgotten what lives and breathes inside them — the Maiden’s sensuality, the Mother’s generative creativity, and the Wise Woman’s intuitive knowing — but harvest the marrow, Sister, for you truly are a Woman Most Wild” (page 82).

Key #2: Witch and the Wild Ritual

Rituals are important for the human psyche. One of the best books I have read about rituals is The Power of Ritual, written by Robbie Davis Floyd and Charles Laughlin.

But this key describes a specific kind of ritual, one that constitutes magick. First of all, Danielle Dusky acknowledges how almost all contemporary women are too  busy (we have to take care of our homes, our jobs and our children).


The rituals Danielle describes are filled with a wisdom that resonates with me as reader. If you are interested in creating magic, in healing (and honestly, who isn’t?) this book will be very useful.

Another very important point that is addressed is the mother wound. I know I have one. Even though I honour my mother for all the work she has done during her life, I always missed the feeling of being loved accepted and honoured by her. I have made a conscious effort to make my children feel blessed and loved.

“We women have suffered the loss of the powerful feminine divine. With deity presented to us solely in its male form, we stand as orphaned sis- ters who share the same wound. Very often this wound manifests in the unconscious placement of lofty expectations on our own human mothers; we are looking to them to ll a great void, a void they too feel as women, and a void that can only be lled with a thorough embrace of the divine feminine on a social level” (page 112).

Key #3: Witch and the Wild Cycle

The last key is the Wild Cycle. “I am calling you out now as a Wolf-Woman who can and will find her pack” Danielle promises on page 149.

Art found on martinekenblog.tumbler.com

“The Witches’ Circle is unique in structure as well as function, with feminine energy bolstered through both deep communication and magick work” (page 154)

We can only dream about such a circle of supporting women and Danielle urges us to visualize such a circle into existence.



  • This is a book about healing: reconnecting with the cycles of nature;
  • The cycles of life are discussed in-depth with very practical exercises;
  • I am convinced that this book can help you hear the soft whisper of the tune of your own song;
  • If you are interested in discovering your personal myth, this book has some good exercises for it, like writing the story of your life as an epic myth titled “The Woman Most Wild”;
  • The book makes a promise with every key, which is not only clever marketing, it is also a very clear statement of what to expect before reading a segment;
  • If you are, or want to become a priestess you will appreciate the practices in this book.



  • This is not a book for everyone. It is aimed at a specific target group of women. This can easily also be a Pro, I am aware of that;
  • Danielle Dusky assumes there is a predestined path for everybody to wake up to. This will not ring true for everyone, even though it is a charming and appealing assumption;


Mindfunda verdict:



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I like nothing better than to give away valuable information to make your life better. Here are two books to choose from: 10 tips to remember more dreams and a report on Mutual Dreaming 

Dream Journal: The Best Book You’ll Ever Read

This Mindfunda is about how you can set up a dream journal for your daily dream entries in a way that will enable you to get the most out of it.

Hellen Keller: “I don’t want to live in a hand-me-down world of others’ experiences. I want to write about me, my discoveries, my fears, my feelings, about me

Dream Journal: A Roman About You

The best books have sex, betrayal, jealousy and a (heartbreaking) romance. Do you want such a book written about you? Start creating your own dream diary!

Your dreams are filled with emotions, emotions that are the clue to attaching meaning to your own dreams.

First, you are going to need a notebook. Preferably one with a hardcover.

Dream Journal
A Moleskine Notebook

Writing your dreams out by hand is a very good exercise that will keep your brain in shape.

dream journal
Cartoon: The Metapicture

Dream Journal: How to Draft Your Dream

Once you have your dream journal, you know divide it into a left page and a right one.

On the left pages of your dream journal you are going to write:

What your core emotion of that day has been (for example: Aggravated, or Relaxed, or Loveable, or Argumentative);

What you ate that day;

What sign the moon is in (here is more information about what Connie Kaplan has to say about the importance of the moon on dream content).

What (if any) incubation you used.

On the right page you write your dream. Write it in the present tense, like you experience it writing it down.

After writing it down, give the dream a title (always feel welcome to change the title if after analysis, a more appropriate one comes to mind.

Dream Journal: Room for Analysis

Make a list of all the dream symbols under your dream. Sit down, make sure you have some undisturbed time and write every first association with each dream symbol in your dream journal.

Re-write your dream using the associations and see what happens with the story.

This is one of the easiest ways to set up a dream journal. Using both pages for a different purpose: one intended for the dream and one intended to analyse background variables that influence your dream content.

And if you have any questions about a dream, you can always hire me to help you with a dream.



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The 5 Finest Fundamental Female Ways to Become Authentic

Do you want to understand more about yourself, your dreams and the struggles of your life? Today I like to tell you more about our online course Mindfunda Mythology.

This is the third of a six part blog about Mindfunda Mythology, an online course that will make your life easier:

The Creation myth: Genesis and The Big Bang
The Amazing Animal: The Animal in Mythology
Mythology of Men 
Mythology of Women
Mythology of the Trickster
Mythology of the Grail, Pulling Out the Sword
Female in mythology

In this blog I am going to share with you the information that composes the symphony of the fourth lesson of my online Mindfunda Mythology course. Each of the six lessons will give you about 25-30 pages of information. Each lesson has open-ended questions that will help you to interpret your dream diary in a different way. At least, that is what former participants have told me. Each lesson contains a list of recommended books to read. Mindfunda Mythology is a roadmap into self discovery. This blog will give you 5 ways to become more authentic.

Art by Carlos Quevedo
#1: Female & the body principle

The first paragraph in Mindfunda Mythology of Women is about the body.  I was born in a female body. I like it. It took me a long time, I might add. When I was young I used to be called names for having such weird eyes. It made me sad and I wanted nothing more than to change myself. To be normal. More caucasian looking. Like my older sister with her blond hair and blue eyes. It seemed like she had the world at her feet.

The ultimate nightmare happened when I was given the part of Miss Piggy in a school play. Everybody in my class was making jokes and laughing about it. Being so humiliated in public, I decided to make myself as invisible as possible for the public eye. Being introverted, that is rather easy.

Copyright © The Jim Henson Company

Having children and growing older have changed the perception of my body. I am truly thankful that my body has done so much for me. And our time-spirit  has made being different become desirable. Acceptance is key. Becoming older is the fuel.

Let’s celebrate the way we are different. Different from the perfect models who are allowed to eat and have to Botox every sign of wisdom away! Miss Piggy and I we accepted each other: the divine Miss P.

#2:Female and the archetypes

Being Jungian, in my course Mindfunda Mythology  I devote a lot of time to female archetypes. It is an intuitive typology of possible female behaviour. The female archetypes are the Queen, the Mother, the Wise Woman and the Trickster.

To explain those archetypes I use famous females. I believe that people become stars because they behave in an archetypical way.

Photo by Eva Rinaldi


Would you be able to determine which female archetype is represented by Stevie Nicks, Olivia Newton John, Meryl Streep, and Kathleen Turner ? Once you have finished this chapter of the six lesson course Mindfunda Mythology you will do so with ease. But let me know in the comments what you think, I would love to read your responses.

#3:Female and authenticity

I think my problem as a young girl is standard among women worldwide. You don’t feel valued if you don’t have certain physical features.

The rules are not spoken out loud. It is much more subtle. The beautiful girls get the attention. And invisibility hurts. You need to cope with that.

Society offers operations, make up, Botox. Don’t get me wrong. I would sign up right away if there was an affordable way for me to Botox away my frown wrinkles.

But the real solution is accepting and celebrating your authenticity. Ageing and Becoming is a good example of how two women, Susan Scott and Susan Schwartz embrace getting older.

Remember Women who Run With Wolves? The chapter in the course that involves becoming authentic discusses the story of Manawee.

Buy the book using this link and support the good work of Mindfunda

Manawee wants to marry two sisters but their father wants Mannawee to guess their names.

What does your name mean? Do you like your name? Does it fit the person you have grown into?

#4:Female and Decent

The most ultimate myth of any female is the one of Persephone and Demeter. The story of going to hell, losing your mother and finding your mate. The story about how each female needs to find a way to make hell a fertile place.

Here you can see Connie Kaplan talking about the importance of this myth for a female.

Artwork: Persephone and Demeter

Demeter, the mother archetype loses her daughter Persephone. Persephone has been abducted by the ruler of the underworld. While Demeter searches and mourns, Persephone becomes queen.

Have you become queen or are you still daughter?

#5:Jung and his anima

In the next chapter of Mindfunda Mythology we will explore how Jung created the concept of the anima by looking at his own life.

Jung was a living example of his own theory so we will explore some fertile grounds for self-development. The Red Book can be interpreted as a map for anima discovery.

Mindfunda Mythology for a fresh start


Using the exercises that accompany each lesson in this Mythology Course, you will experience an increased level of self understanding.


In the bonus paragraph of the course I will repeat all the possible archetypes and their variations in a very insightful table. After you have finished this lesson you will be knowledgable about both the male as the female side of your own personality. With that knowledge it will be so much easier to understand why people act the way they do.

All Excited? Mindfunda Mythology is designed to make the journey of your life easier. You will get:

  • Knowledge about the Sefiroth, the Cabalistic Tree of Life;
  • You will be introduced to the two main categories of myth so you can (re)connect with the strength of your inner animal;
  • You will have access to al the 24 possible ways of behaviour of male and female archetypes;
  • You will be able to tap into the power of the Trickster whenever you feel reluctant to follow the call of your own path;
  • All these methods and techniques will enable you to enlighten your inner fire, your personal Grail;
  • You will get 44 exercises during the course, an average 6 – 10 exercises per lesson to help you master the knowledge.

Let me know in the comments which female archetype you like best: the Queen, the Mother, the Wise Woman or the Trickster.

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I like nothing better than to give away valuable information to make your life better. Here are two books to choose from: 10 tips to remember more dreams and a report on Mutual Dreaming 

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What is Mindfunda about?

My name is Susanne van Doorn, I am a Dutch psychologist, blogger and author. I have been working with psychology, dreams and mythology ever since I finished my study in psychology at Tilburg University. I made this independant site to share insights, and recent scientific articles about the brain, dreams, and mythology for use in your personal life.

This posting is categorised as Mythofunda:
“Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths” Joseph Campbell used to say. This part of Mindfunda shows you how your personal mythology can create peace in your life.

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The lean mean dream washing machine

What if we could create a database filled with dreams about dreaming? Dreamed up by people who seriously look at their dreams for inspiration? I would buy a copy of it right away! Here is the first onset to it.

I wonder how working with dreams would change if everybody who seriously works with dreams would submit their dreams about dreaming into a giant database. In the ideal world someone clever would analyse those dreams and perhaps we could come up with a whole different view about dreams and dreaming. This is one of the dreams I had that tought me something about dreams: I dream about a man explaining to me that dreams are like washing machines.



You take dirty clothes (your way of acting in the world) put them in the Self: did you ever notice that the door of the washing machine is mandala shaped?



You choose the temperature. What emotional temperature do you need to wash your emotions clean? Clean enough to handle them during the day time? Is it going to be nightmarish hot so all the conducts, all the habits of waking life are washed up and sterilized? Or will it be a smoothly wash just to get your way of living refreshed?

You add detergent. An aide to resolve the dirt on your way of acting in the world. To wash away the smell of living day by day. What is your detergent? And how much are you going to use? Are there any stains on your clothes that need some extra care? A solvent that gets the difficult stains out? Some books about dreaming can help you do that. The most recent one I read was written by Justina  Lasley.

Wake up to your dreams

Justina her detergent is the Dream Synergy method. Emotions (the water in the machine), Characters (the stain-solution) and Beliefs (the temperature you choose). For more information see my interview with Justina.

But there are many more good dream detergents. Dream groups like Connie Kaplan mentions.

Woman’s book of dreams

If you are lucky enough to get involved in a dream group (several of them are online) you get different views on your dream. That gets your creative juices flowing. Connie’s second method of interacting with dreams is tuning in with the moon. She talks about how the moon and the woman (wo-moon) merge energies. The energy of the moon colors the meaning of your dream.

Ok back to the washing machine. So you picked together your filthy clothes, choose a temperature, added some detergent and… It all starts tumbling! Everything is jumbled upside down. Meshed around. Beaten up in a steady rhythm. Gently, but firmly. There is no stopping our mean lean washing machine.

In the middle there is… A mandala. the symbol of the Self in Jungian terms. The dream selves tumble round and round, while the mandala closes off the process, so no cloths fall out. Jean Raffa told me about the Mandorla: two mandala’s enclosing.

Healing the sacred divide


This middle place where light and dark touch is where the healing begins she told us.

At the end of the washing process the machine begins to turn around real quick. It is in its spinning cycle. Spinning tales, spinning connecting energies. In such a fast way that all the water, all the emotion is pulled out. Things are often put up side down in dreams. To spin your head around. To make you see that different angle that you otherwise would have missed.

Wanna share a dream about dreaming with me? I might just put it in a database and create that dream book we all are longing for.

Do you like this post? Feel free to share!

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Can I quote you on this? A list of the 7 best quotes


Today’s Mindfunda is about quotes. Don’t you love it when you are reading a good book and a chapter starts with the perfect quote? In this Mindfunda I will give the top list of my favorite quotes.

Quote #1

‘There is no such thing as spiritual integrity without emotional integrity. Like it or not, we need to own up to our honest feelings and figure out what to do with them’.

Jean Raffa

Jean Benedict Raffa in Healing the Sacred Divide (click to read more about Jean and her work). To see her interview with Mindfunda click here.

Quote #2

‘No sailor controls the sea. Only a foolish sailor would say such a thing. Similarly, no lucid dreamer controls the dream. Like a sailor on the sea, we lucid dreamers direct our perceptual awareness within the larger state of dreaming’.

Robert Waggoner in Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. (click to read more about Robert and his work). To see his interview with Mindfunda click here.

Quote #3

‘When you look into a mirror, you know on some level that you are seeing the reverse reflection of yourself. However, the apparent accuracy of the reflection convinces you that you are seeing the real thing. When we look at our dreams without our sisters, we look into a reverse mirror. As dreamers we must know when we are seeing in reverse.

Connie Kaplan

Connie Kaplan in The Woman’s Book of Dreaming (click to read more about Connie and her work). To see her interview with Mindfunda click here.

Quote #4

‘Myth is not an empirical science which has yielded considerable information about the natural world; indeed, it appears to be its polar opposite. However, the same shamans who told their communities imaginative stories about the origins of the world also used trial and error, as well as logical deduction, to determine which herbs had healing qualities, which substances would alter consciousness, which path hunters should pursue to find game, which changes the weather might take, and which direction would be the most propitious when it was time for a tribe to relocate’

Stanley Krippner in ‘Introduction: Some Perspectives on Myth’. The Humanistic Psychologist 22 (2), 122-123 Click here to read about Stanley Krippner. To see my Mindfunda interview with him click here.

Quote #5

‘Alchemy was the secret tradition which taught that the priceless treasure spoken of in so many myths and legends of the ancient world lies within our own human nature – unrecognised, despised, neglected. It transposed the images of mythology and in particular the myth of the sacred marriage and the divine birth to the human soul. The alchemist descended into the depths of his soul to experience a death and rebirth, to be transmuted from lead into gold, to redeem the treasure buried in the primal matter of his instinctual life and to be reunited with the divine ground of the Soul personified by the feminine image of Divine Wisdom’.

Anne Baring

Anne Baring in ‘Dream of the Cosmos.’ Click here to read more about Anne and her work. To see my Mindfunda interview with her click here.

Quote #6

‘The Gods themselves require additional knowledge, gained, it seems , from the underworld, to interpret great and significant dreams which indicate the destiny of gods, kings and man’

Hilda Davidson, quoted in ‘The Well of Remembrance’ written by Ralph Metzner. Click here to read more about the Well of Remembrance. To see my Mindfunda interview with Ralph Metzner click here.

Quote #7

‘The only real death that ever occurs is when a dream we cherish dies’

P.M.H. Atwater. Click here to read more about all her work on near death experiences. To see the Mindfunda interview with her click here.




I would like to encourage you to sign up for my youtube channel: Two more interviews will be uploaded soon. Justina Lasley talks with Mindfunda about her methos of working with dreams and her new book ‘Wake up to your dreams’. Make sure you have your own dream(s) ready because she will take you through her easy method of finding out more about your dreams.

Catherine Wikholm will talk with Mindfunda about the merits AND the dark side of meditation. She has used meditation and yoga as a way to improve the life of prisoners and did scientific research about the results.
You can subscribe using this link.

Twitter: @susannevandoorn


Birthday dreams: an example

Celebrating the 10th birthday of my youngest son made me think about birthday dreams. Not the dreams you have about the presents you want to get but dreams that can shed a light on the year that lays ahead.

Birthday dreams and literature

The thirst time I heard about birthday dreams was when I read The Woman’s book of dreams written by Connie Kaplan (click the link to read about my interview with her).


Birthday dreams: be alert

Every year, about a week before your birthday the moon is in the same sign, at the same position as when you were born. That dream would have a predictive quality for the year you are about to experience. So each year my dreaming mind remembers dreams in april.

Here is my dream from April 03 2015, when the moon was in Virgo, like my birth moon.

First dream:
I am standing at the dock of the bay talking to a guy about his problems.

Second dream:
I am in the kitchen. My dreaming friend K is sitting at the kitchen table talking with a friend. I am trying to make cookies. I chop down luncheon meat from the Ardennes into little pieces and add some onions. The dough is too dry so I add a can of beans. Now all the beans are on top of the dough and my emotions are very sad: I failed. I try to pour the juice of the beans into the sink and ask for a glass of water. When I look at the kitchen table I see that my glass of water is already standing there ready for me to take a sip.

About dreaming with the moon in Virgo, Connie Kaplan says: ‘Virgo, the virgin is always appropriate. She is pure, polished, focused, discriminating and perfectionistOne might have One may have dreams about breaking down and assimilating food and/or information’.

When I look at this dream as a guidance for creating Mindfunda, my cookie filled with soul food I am most fascinated by the contradiction. Cookies are sweet while I am busy mixing up savoury ingredients. The water from the dock in the first dream returns at the end: it is already on the table. Water gives live.

Birthday dreams interpretations

The thing that struck me is the fact that I am preparing am afternoon snack, a cookie, using ham and beans. So I decided to become the beans in my dream (This is a fairly common method of dream interpretation: you use your creative imagination, re-enter the dream and pretend, well, in this case, the beans floating on top of the cookie. This is what the beans had to tell me:

'I don't know what I am doing here, so I drift to the top. If you want to get rid of me, you can easily do so. I get spilled too often. I am packed with nutrition but you used to get sick with us'.

Now that was true. When my diabetes was undiagnosed and my mother used to cook beans I got sick. I was not able any more to digest beans. But this was such a good clue for my work. I now knew that it was good to write about the things I could not ‘digest’ (click here to read an example).

The luncheon meat from the Ardennes was another enigma. Using the same technique I mentioned above I ‘became’ the luncheon meat from the Ardennes:

'I have to be chopped up to give some substance. I am easy, cheep and everybody is able to digest me. You don't want too much of my because my substance (pork meat) is not really healthy.'

And indeed I have gotten used to chop up ‘easy’ pieces of Mindfunda to give substance to the mixture that you are glad yo read. For en example click here to read my Mindfunda about Inside oud a very good Pixar film.

The kitchen table is a familiar dream symbol for me. At my kitchen table I have met many dream friends including Travis Wernet who was a guest blogger for Mindfunda. Click here to read his blog about dreams and music. The lady in this dream at my kitchen table with her friend seems to be a symbol for the triple goddess. For friendship. She is very aware of food and has lots of food dreams. So dreaming about food for the soul in her presence is a very good thing. I am trying to impress her. And frankly, I am trying to impress with Mindfunda. I will be blunt about it. I want Mindfunda to be the best. I want people who want to know more about the best books, the best methods to read Mindfunda. That is ambitious I know. But that is the way I am.



The animus in my first dream is like Otis Redding ‘sitting on the dock of the bay’. The water only found as a solution in the last part of the second dream (it was there all along) is here in abundance. The ships of life come here to take a rest, to refill and sail on. That is exactly my aim with Mindfunda. To be a haven for the various ships of life.

In the second part I am trying my best to be innovative. Creating an afternoon snack that is not sweet. But it has to be juiced up a bit. With the water of life. I hope I have added enough to please you, reader.

Did you have birthday dreams yourself? Did they have guidance for you? Advice that you needed? I would love to hear about it.

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Astrology is a very ancient way of dealing with crops. The Indo European people (More info here). As far back as the third millennium before Christ people have been searching meaning in the sky. But in the current day astrology is associated with those fragments in the newspaper: “Aries: today you will meet a tall dark handsome stranger and he will mysteriously disappear again”.

Astrology vs science

Science doesn’t like astrology either. Look at this film fragment from the amazing Randi about astrology. intuitively we know that the moon influences us and our dreams. Look and listen to the wisdom of Connie Kaplan about the influence of the moon on dreams.

Recent research however shows that a birth month correlates with certain diseases.

@Tatonetti lab

Analyzing data from over 1,7 million people, scientists of Colombia University deduced that May is a relative healthy month to be born in while being born in October is relatively unhealthy.

Astrology and science

Stanley Krippner writes in his Song of the Siren:
The Gauquelines examined the planetary positions of the French Academy of Medicine. There seemed to be an odd preference of people who were later to become doctors to be born at the moment when Mars had just risen over the horizon or cumulate at the meridian“.


Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior: The Planetary Factors in Personality

Based on detailed analysis of 16000 names and dates of birth of famous European man and woman they concluded that planets do have an effect on personality. People born when Mars is rising or at its upper culmination are active and eager, even quarrelsome. People born with Jupiter temperament are at ease and ambitious. People with Saturn temperaments are formal and  reserved. And finally people with Lunar temperament, born when the moon was on the horizon or the meridian, are amiable and friendly.

In 1968, Gauqueline’s insights were reproduced by a research done at the Belgium Committee for paranormal phenomena. They analyzed the birth data of sportsmen. Most of them were born when Mars was culminating.

My own experience with astrology was when I had the data of my mutual dreamers analyzed by Maria Cernuto. Bob van de Castle connected us after I had read an article on the astrological details of people who are good in dream telepathy. You can read our report about it here.

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Good books on Mindfunda

good books
Photo @Iowa library

I was pregnant with the idea for Mindfunda for a while. It had to be a blog that combined research and spirituality juiced up with a little bit of mythology. About three months ago, on February 10, the first Mindfunda was published. Since then I talked with you about a lot of good books. Thank you all for your support, your shares on Facebook and twitter. You all make my job so much fun!

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Here is a list of the most visited blogs according to our statistics:

Good books #1: 10 dream books you should read

Actually these are 10 books for the price of one! This is one of the most visited blog posts I have written untill now. The list contains good classics on the subject of dreaming and dream interpretation.
Creative dreaming by Patricia Garfield, the book that got me “hooked” on dreaming at the age of 16 (I could not stop reading it and it introduced me to lucid dreaming) is my personal number one. You can read the list here. Be sure to leave a comment in the section below if I have missed a good book that I should be reading and blogging about.

Good books #2: Dream from the Cosmos

Anne Barring was introduced to me while I was talking with Patricia Garfield about good books written about the Goddess. Anne Baring had written, together with Jules Cashford The myth of the Goddess. At home I purchased it and I dived into their phenomenal knowledge about the Goddess principle.
Dream of the cosmos had an even more alluring sound to it, because it discussed the myth of the Sekhina: the dwelling part of god on earth.

good books
Dream of the cosmos

You can read my blog about it here, in the blog is a link to my interview with Anne Baring. My first interview, with such an educated lady. You will definitely look at the world in a different way after reading/digesting it. You will see how things are connected, you will be able to feel the tiny lines of the web of Indra that connects all.

Good books #3: The woman’s book of dreams

Connie Kaplan wrote a book about how the moon affects dreams. It is something we are all aware of. Dreaming during full moon is usually more intense. Somebody told me, right before I had to do a dream workshop for some pregnant ladies that in the book of Connie Kaplan you will find a method for group dream work that is very useful. And indeed, the night before I had to do the workshop I dreamed about going downstairs and getting her Woman’s book of dreams out of my bookshelves. You can read my post about it here. In the blog the link to my interview with her is included.

good books
the Woman’s book of dreams


Good books #4: Theory of dreams by Kasatkin

As a young girl I had a near death experience caused by a diabetic coma. Being ill for a long time, the doctors could not find anything wrong with me and dismissed it as “growth”. Meanwhile I was getting thinner and thinner and finally my fat supply was gone…

Ever since I have been very interested in health. I did some research about dreams and health, I started a rather unsuccessful questionnaire that not many people responded to. But I had this notion that your dreams follow the process of your disease and that you in fact can incorporate them to heal yourself.

I was not the first with that idea. A Russian psychiatrist, Vasily Kasatkin gathered data from all his patients in several hospitals in Russia. He analyzed the data and published a book called A theory of dreams.


good books
A theory of dreams

This book was never translated. I sent an email to a German military library asking for a copy and I got it. Then I had to translate it. This was a problem: I don’t speak Russian and I did not have the money to have it translated for me. I dd actually find someone who withdrew because Russian was not her native language. But she promised me to help whenever I got stuck in a sentence. And boy did I need that help! My husband, the invaluable invisible force behind Mindfunda helped me to scan the documents in a way that permitted me to cut and paste it into google translate. Then I had pieces of text that I had to re-write and remodel into proper English. I wanted to update the insights of Kasatkin (which where remarkable modern for his day and age) and put in a lot of footnotes referring to modern research in the areas he mentioned.
It was a labour of love.  Read all about dreams and health here.

Good books #5: Lucid dreaming plain and simple

Robert Waggoner wrote another book together with Caroline McCready. His first book Lucid dreaming Gateway to the inner self is on my favorite dream book list for years.

Good books
Lucid dreaming gateway to the inner self

With his remarkable talent of analysing Robert waggoner always finds an interesting edge in your road to self discovery. His newest book is filled with tips, techniques, loaded with information, and the two writers have gathered dreams from the most skilled lucid dreamers. You can read my bog about it here, in the blog is a link to my interview with him.

good books
Lucid dreaming plain and simple

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Moon tribute: Connie Kaplan about ‘The woman’s Book of Dreams’

The Moon has an effect on dreams. We have known that for a long time, even though we might not realize it consciously. I spoke with Connie Kaplan about the effect the moon has on dreaming. Watch the complete interview on Mindfunda’s YouTube channel so you can enjoy it too (don’t forget to subscribe).

Connie is a woman who “dreamed herself awake”. During a time she was burned out, she dreamed and she kept on dreaming. She shares that valuable information with you in her books and in the interview.


Connie’s book “The Woman’s book of dreams” is divided into five parts. The first part is about astrology. Connie broke down in 1986 and rebuilt herself using dreams, spiritual guidance and the power of the moon. If you listen to the interview you can enjoy her energy and her wisdom.

The Moon is affecting dreams

In the first part she talks about how the moon affects dreaming. This made her distinguish several types of dreaming that might shed a new light on the dreams in your dream journal. She talks with us about the 13 types of dreaming she recognizes and how they can help you.

If you have a dream circle, or think about starting one, you should really take a look at the interview. Connie Kaplan describes a very powerful method (buy The woman’s book of Dreams if you want to know all about it). It has been the method that I use myself. The power of silence can really intensify the messages a dreamer comprehends about a dream in a dream circle, Not speaking when you have nothing to say is a spiritual act.

The woman’s book of dreams Connie Kaplan

A thing almost all of us do while working with dreams, is projecting our problems of the past on them. Connie Kaplan talks about re-dreaming the past in a powerful way. She discusses the myth of Persephone, queen of the real of the death with us because that is a recurrent myth for women everywhere. Taken into the dark Persephone takes charge and becomes queen.

The dreaming of the future is a thing we all know. But often we do not talk about it. We ignore it or reason it away. Connie talks about an extraordinary coincidence that happened in her dream group. A mutual insight her dream group had into an important future catastrophy.

And the last subject is about giving the gift. It is Connie’s calling to help you embrace your contract of life. The most important clause in your contract giving your gift. Embracing yourself and enjoying life.

This and nore is discussed in my recent interview with Conny Kaplan. I hope you enjoy watching the complete interview!

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Major Tom: dreaming in space

Ever since being mesmerized by Bowie’s Ground Control to Major Tom we all have been wondering what it would be like to fly, eat, sleep and dream in space.
On today’s Mindfinda nice film where the astronauts of Expedition 30 where they answer a question about dreaming in space (in the film it is at about 3:06).
Expedition 30′ s crew members Andre Kuipers, Dan Burbank and Donald Petit.

Dreaming in space is not so different as dreaming on earth. Donald Petit says: “In my dreams there is always a certain level of discontent: on earth I dream of flying and in space I dream of walking…
I think that is a healthy thing. Recent research (2014) by Arnulf suggest that dreaming about failing a test makes you perform the test even better.

major tom
Dream of the cosmos

I recently talked with Anne Baring about her book Dream of the cosmos. She asks us: if the cosmos is a living entity, what would it dream of? A thought provoking question. I hope you give it some thought. You might want to read about my interview and look at the YouTube films (Don’t forget to sign up for my channel because interviews with Robert Waggoner about his newest Robert waggoner Lucid dreaming plain and simple Lucid dreaming Plain and simple and an interview with Connie Kaplan about her Womans’s book of dreams is about to be uploaded (doing some final editing)

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Dream music: listening to inner songs

Dream music: some people wake up humming or singing a song. What do you think: do musicians dream other music dreams then non musicians?

Yesterday evening, I was interviewing Connie Kaplan about how the moon influences our dreams. I will put the interview on Mindfunda’s Youtube channel soon, so sign up for the channel. In her book A womans’ book of dreams she states: “The moon is like a music player in the sky that plucks the lines as harp strings”. The thought of the moon playing our dream music is very appealing to me.

In the moving documentary “Alive inside” you can see Henry, an Alzheimer patient come alive when he listens to the music he liked when he was younger.

dream music
Alive inside

Music is stored in the procedural memory. Procedural memory knows procedures: how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to swim. And procedural memories are consolidated during sleep. Research of Steffen Gais and Jan born suggests that dreaming has a lot to do with consolidating procedural memory. So dreaming about music helps you to consolidate new things in your brain so you are better equipped for life’s challenges.

Dream music: listening to inner songs

When I dreamed of being part of a tune, it was a big dream for me. It was something I had not experienced before. I was not a person, I was energy, vibrating. I was part of a unity. I was dream music. It was my first dream of being part of the cosmos.

Dream music indicates new ways of learning: the consolidating of procedural memory. At that point in time I was starting some new challenging projects and journeys to countries I had never visited before.

When an Alzheimer patient comes alive hearing music he has found his sense of self again. Most of us intuitively know that dreaming about music is dreaming about our soul. But I suggest dreaming about music has a very practical function as well. It reshapes neurological paths in our brains to make us deal with the world better. Listen to the dream that author Ann Aswegan describes in her book  “Awakening to the song of yourself”:

Awakening to the song of yourself Ann Aswegan

…”As I gaze at the piano, it automatically begins to play a lovely melody. I am strongly drawn to its music and begin moving toward it. At the same time the piano starts to glide in my direction and then lumbers gently past me down the hill until it reaches the sidewalk…
I feel as if I am destined to receive it. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing gift. I catch up with it on the sidewalk and follow it as it gradually starts to move again”…

I think that music in dream tells us a lot about who we are. It might even catch our core qualities, the soul of our being.

10 Dream books you should read

I have been working with dreams for several years now, and I read a lot of dream books. But sometimes there is that one book that really has a special edge. A way you have not looked at dreams before. Here is my list of 10 dream books you should read i.e. I can recommend all of you to buy and read. Please let me know if you agree with my choices. If one of your personal favorite dream books is absent, let me know by using the comment section below the blog.

  • Dream books tip #1: ‘Creative Dreaming’ by Patricia Garfield:
    Years ago, in the eighties, I read this book, in one night. It was the first book ever that discussed dreams as creative material. I fell asleep and had my first lucid dream (a dream you have while being aware that you are dreaming). This is not only about lucid dreams however. It is about getting the most out of a dream to make your life better. Patricia was criticized for not being scientific and for not having visited the Senoi people she wrote about. But that does not change the fact that this book gives you a method you can use that will change your dream-life. Patricia was on the panel I organized on the conference of the International Organisation of the Study of Dreams (IASD) in 2014 click here
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #1
Dream books tip #1: Creative dreaming – Patricia Garfield


  • Dream books tip #2: ‘Extraordinary dreams and how to work with them’ written by Stanley Krippner, Fariba Bogzaran and Andre Percia de Carvalho. This book gives you such a good insight in all the different types of dreams: creative dreams, Lucid dreams, Out of body dreams, healing dreams, mutual dreams… It is carefully organized and there are a lot of references to very good research about dreams. There is even a paragraph about “Working with dreams within dreams”.  I have only come across this phenomena in books about dreams in Frederik van Eede’s Dromenboek  (A Dutch lucid dreamer and writer who was in the same circle as Carl Gustav Jung).
    This book will give you so much information about dreams, your head may spin. read it one chapter at a time so you will digest all the information in it. After all these years it is still a source of reference for me.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #2
Dream books tip #2: Extraordinary dreams and how to work with them

  • Dream books tip #3: ‘a Branch of the Lightning Tree’ Stanley Krippner came over in 2013 to do a workshop Personal Mythology in Utrecht. Identifying mythological themes in your life and your dreams can give you so much more understanding. About yourself, about the situation you are in and about the steps you can take. Reading  a Branch of the lightning tree written by Martin Shaw has taught me a lot about distilling mythological information out of stories. Dreams are stories told by the night. So even though this book is not about dreams, it will help you understand them better.


Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #3
Dream books tip #3: A branch from the lightning tree


  • Dream books tip #4: ‘Active Dreaming’ – Robert Moss is an excellent writer. He knows how to tell a story. When he came to Utrecht to give a workshop Active dreaming, people were glued to his lips. His books are filled with useful well researched information. Robert has written a lot of books and they are all good. I have chosen Active dreaming because I like the exercises in them. There are coincidence games in it, the mapping of your energy path, a low maintenance plan for your health… It is just a very good book. A dream is something to act upon and Robert gives you the keys to unlock the secrets in them.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #4
Dream books tip #4: Robert Moss Active Dreaming

  • Dream books tip #5: Another book that changed my way of looking at dreams is the ‘Woman’s book of dreams’. The knowledge Connie Kaplan shared about the moon and dreaming is something I have never read before in any other book.  She connects dreaming with astrology. It made me grab my dream notes and look at what sign the moon was in while I had these dreams. In that way I made discoveries about myself, my dreams and their content that I would not have been able to make without reading this book. She also discusses a way of working with dream groups that I have used several times. One time, before doing a workshop with pregnant women and their dreams I took this book out of my closet in a dream. It made me change my workshop in the “Connie Kaplan” way and it was a good decision. In the workshop some very profound discoveries were made and people were able to engage with each other on a deeper level because of the method I used.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #5
Dream books tip #5: The woman’s book of dreams Connie Kaplan


  • Dream books tip #6: ‘Lucid Dreaming’ – Robert Waggoner is a very experienced lucid dreamer. But what is so intriguing about this book is that he helps you to shift perspective. He asks you who the writer of your dream story is (you can read more about this perspective here). A lot of people who are involved in dreaming are against lucid dreaming. A dream should take its natural course. Don’t mess with it because that would be messing with the natural psychological process that dreams are made off. But Robert simply asked “Does the sailor control the sea?” and shows us that no lucid dreamer ever fully controls the content of the dream. And he has some other thought-provoking suggestions and experiences to share.


Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #6
Dream books tip #6: Lucid Dreaming Robert Waggoner


I have not read his newest book ‘Lucid dreaming plain and simple’ yet.
He wrote it together with Caroline McCready. But it is on my list. I plan to do an interview with him and put it on this blog, so stay tuned!

Mindfunda.com: dream books runner-up
Dream books runner-up: Lucid dreaming plain and simple Robert Waggoner and Caroline McCready


  • Dream books tip #7: Robert Gongloffs’ book ‘Dream Exploration’ changed my way of working with dreams because he taught me to take a step back. In this book you will find a matrix that enables you to look at the theme of a dream. Not focus so much on the meaning of a single symbol but look at the greater picture.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #7
Dream books tip #7: Dream Exploration Robert Gongloff


  • Dream books tip #8: I used to think alchemy was mighty interesting but beyond my understanding. So many old manuscripts, very hard to read and even more difficult to understand. Then a friend of mine gave me a copy of Monika Wikmans’ ‘Pregnant Darkness‘. She leads you through the alchemical process using dreams and symbols. Reading this book gave me so much more understanding of the path of transformation we all have to travel in live. It is well written and the examples she shares with us make us reconsider our own dream material.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #8
Dream books tip #8: Pregnant Darkness Monika Wikman


  • Dream books tip #9: Communing with the Gods’ is a well documented anthropological exploration into dreams. Charles Laughlin takes the reader on a journey to explore his neuroanthropology of dreaming. An attempt for a cross-fertilization between neurology, psychology, sociology and anthropology. Ambitious yes, but very interesting. I wrote about this book before you can read it here. The way Charles Laughlin builds the evidence for his Neuroanthropology of dreaming will give you a new way of looking at dreams.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #9
Dream books tip #9: Communing with the gods Charlie Laughlin
  • Dream books tip #10: Last but not least, my translation of Vasily Kasatkins’ classic ‘A theory about Dreams’. You can hear my presentation about it in this link. The reason why this book will change your vision on dreams is that it makes the relationship between the body and the dream content crystal clear. Even a hard-core scientist as psychiatrist Vasily Kasatkin was convinced that dreams are the early indicators of physical illness. A dream can safe your life.
Mindfunda.com: dream books tip #10
Dream books tip #10: ‘a Theory about Dreams’ – Vasatli Kasatkin translated by Susanne van Doorn

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