Best Books on Dreams 2017

What are the best books on dreams in 2017? And my question to you: what are the most inspiring books about dreams you have never read? Let me know in the comments because I love to get inspired by new Continue Reading

Your mythic life: mythological musing #2

Diving into your personal Mythology will bring you at the root of your being. Mindfunda went through the process and encourages you to do the same. Here are the five steps suggested by David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner in their classic book Personal Mythology. Continue Reading

Mythological Musings: 2 Mindfunda’s to discover mythology in your own life

Remember when you were young? How your history teacher would tell you with radiant eyes- about the Greek mythology? Mythology seems far away. How are mythological stories relevant in your life today? Mindfunda explores mythological themes in 2 blogs : Your mythic life Continue Reading

3 ways to unlock your creative potential (and a free bonus)

Sometimes you feel stuck… The same life, the same love, the same children, the same work. Here are three ways to get you out of your routine to get some creative sparkle in your life. We all know those people Continue Reading

How Rolling Thunder redefined shamanism

Today’s Mindfunda wants to celebrate Rolling Thunder’s birthday, September 19. Rolling Thunder, whose birth name was John Pope, was a self-proclaimed shaman. He had a huge following, with famous people like Bob Dylan and the Grateful Death among them. But most of all he was in touch with nature. He had a remarkable ability to tune into the energies of nature. Continue Reading

Living the dream

Living the dream: lucky in love, to be healthy and have the best job ever. How can individual dreams help you realize this? Mindfunda gives two techniques and several examples of dreams. Continue Reading

3 ways to look at your Animal Totem

‘When you call upon the power of an animal you are asking to be drawn into complete harmony with the strength of that creature’s essence Animal totem in ancient times In ancient times, an initiate, seeker, or person needing guidance Continue Reading

Can I quote you on this? A list of the 7 best quotes

  Today’s Mindfunda is about quotes. Don’t you love it when you are reading a good book and a chapter starts with the perfect quote? In this Mindfunda I will give the top list of my favorite quotes. Quote #1 Continue Reading

Mindfunda 100, a look behind the scenes

Today I celebrate the #100th blog post of Mindfunda. The number 100 is a special number. All ratios can be brought back to 100 using a percentage. 100 was considered to be the desired age for a human being in Continue Reading

James Randi, honest liar, let’s us focus on our own spirituality

James Randi, an honest liar tells in his film about his live as a magician and his crusade for the truth. But theer is a deception near that he does not know about. Continue Reading

Summer solstice: when the sun does not seem to move

Summer solstice the shortest night of the year, the longest day. How is the earth magnetic field that has an effect on your dream content affected by the summer solstice? Continue Reading


  Astrology is a very ancient way of dealing with crops. The Indo European people (More info here). As far back as the third millennium before Christ people have been searching meaning in the sky. But in the current day astrology Continue Reading

Psychology professor Stanley Krippner about dreams myths and visions

Mindfunda had the honor of interviewing Stanley Krippner, professor in psychology on Saybrook University about his life. You can watch it on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to sign up because I will be uploading lots of interesting interviews. Stanley Continue Reading

Earth day: the magnetic field of the earth

On this beautiful picture above you can see the magnetic field of the Earth. To me, the earth looks like a Spider. I am not surprised that the oldest mythologies about the origins of the universe talk about the Spider Continue Reading

10 Dream books you should read

I have been working with dreams for several years now, and I read a lot of dream books. But sometimes there is that one book that really has a special edge. A way you have not looked at dreams before. Here is Continue Reading

Brain waves can move objects

Using brain waves to move an object: a drone. It flies on brain power, by focussing on moves. Continue Reading