Anima, soul, supreme meaning: Reading Carl Jung’s Red Book in 5 (easy) steps

In his search for the supreme meaning evoked by his personal crises in 1913 Jung discovered his anima, the soul. I have dreamed with a group of people, reading the Red Book and using the texts to incubate our own dreams. This Mindfunda is the written text of the presentation I was going to give about this project but I was unfortunately

Eros in dreams

Eros in dreams: your animus or anima can manifest in your dreams in many forms. In waking life it is the person that takes your breath away…

Chicken soup for the soul: dreams and premonitions

  Dreams and premonitions Today, September 22, the book ‘Dreams and Premonitions’ is launched. This book was born on twitter. Amy Newmark twittered about wanting to publish a book about dreams. She is a publisher on Chicken soup for the Soul. And Kelly Sullivan Walden let her know she was interested. you can listen to the […]

Living the dream

Living the dream: lucky in love, to be healthy and have the best job ever. How can individual dreams help you realize this? Mindfunda gives two techniques and several examples of dreams.

9/11 in precognitive dreams

9/11 2001 the unthinkable thing happened. Over 3000 innocent people got killed because of an attack from Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda. A lot of people had precognitive dreams about it, some really accurate. Mindfunda shares some impressive dreams

Stonehenge and sacred geography

Just this week you found out that there is another collection of stones near Stonehenge. 4,000 years ago it was built. And it is covered with earth. Why? Nobody knows. It is not excavated yet. Scholars have been tracing it down for years using remote sensing and geophysical tomography.   The monoliths are buried in the ground. […]

The lean mean dream washing machine

What if we could create a database filled with dreams about dreaming? Dreamed up by people who seriously look at their dreams for inspiration? I would buy a copy of it right away! Here is the first onset to it. I wonder how working with dreams would change if everybody who seriously works with dreams […]

Wayne Dyer: dreams are the place to create

We recently lost some inspiring men. Oliver Sacks and Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer was not only the self-help-best-seller guy.  I read some of his books a few decades ago. I remember they were easy to read. But there is another side to this man. He worked as a Jungian therapist. The statement of Carl Gustav Jung: “I […]

Persephone or how mythology is still relevant

Kore, later known as Persephone, loved flowers. One beautiful day she saw and extraordinary flower. So much beauty she had not seen before in any living being on earth. She reached out her hand… Little did she know that this would change her life forever. Such a little gesture, the picking of a flower changed […]


Reading ‘The Buddha Pill’ written by Miguel Farias and Catherine Wikholm gave me some insights into meditation I want to share with you. The book was so good that I decided to mail to Catherine and invited her for a Mindfunda interview about ‘The Buddha Pill’. The audio is sometimes a bit tardily because my provider was hacked […]

Create the life that you want using your dreams

Have you ever had that feeling that you are just going through the motions? You say what you need to say to keep your mother/father/wife/husband/child/friend (fill in what applies to you) happy. Wouldn’t you like to create a life build around your authentic personality? Without pissing everybody off? Because being your authentic self isn’t about […]

Birthday dreams: an example

Celebrating the 10th birthday of my youngest son made me think about birthday dreams. Not the dreams you have about the presents you want to get but dreams that can shed a light on the year that lays ahead. Birthday dreams and literature The thirst time I heard about birthday dreams was when I read The […]

Golden Dawn: Talking to the Gods using magic

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats Almost every one of us believes that we can tap into a greater pool of creativity if we only knew how to use the laws that can unleash our creative powers. This Mindfunda is going to shed a […]

Gossip: the ghost that glues together because it separates

A few years ago I received a mail from a former best friend I had at University. It said: “I never dared to ask you but are you on drugs? Everyone said you were”. Reading it made me angry. At university telling a gossip is the order of the day. Other people also told me stories […]

Music and dreams

Sometimes I wake up humming a song. Sometimes I sing in me dreams. I wrote a mindfunda about it earlier (click to read it). But because one of my friends is a dreamer and a musician, I asked for his expert advice on the subject of music and dreams. Music Dream Ceremonies Todays Mindfunda is written […]

3 reasons to watch Pixar Inside out

The Pixar film Inside out gives an amusing look inside the head of a girl growing up to be a woman. Mindfinda gives you three reasons to go and watch this Pixar movie. I will even throw in a bonus reason! Watching Pixar Inside out #1 Imagine this: You are a perfect 11, maybe 12-year-old. School […]

Dreaming at the crossroads of Life

This blog is a guest blog for I wrote for Patti Allen. You can find her website by clicking here. Patti is a dreamer, and a tarot-ist with her own deck of cards: The Abeton Key, named after the sleep chamber in the ancient healing temple of Asclepius. Dreams at the crossroads of life. I had […]

Mindfunda 100, a look behind the scenes

Today I celebrate the #100th blog post of Mindfunda. The number 100 is a special number. All ratios can be brought back to 100 using a percentage. 100 was considered to be the desired age for a human being in the bible. 100 represents eternity. (Don’t worry, I don’t plan on writing for Mindfunda that long). […]

3 ways of being creative like van Gogh

To remember the death of one of the mosr famous painters in the netherlands, Vincent van Gogh, Mindfunda was invited to give a presentation on how we can use dreams as a creative gateway to improve the quality of our lives

James Randi, honest liar, let’s us focus on our own spirituality

James Randi, an honest liar tells in his film about his live as a magician and his crusade for the truth. But theer is a deception near that he does not know about.

Must an Artist Struggle?

Today’s Mindfunda is written by Brenda Ferrimani. Brenda began her artistic work in the 1980’s. She was President of the Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance, an organization dedicated to promote local artists and to provide art in public places. In 2000 she was invited to be the attending artist to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts. In 2007 […]

Starry night, a painting as a dream

This Mindfunda looks at Starry night from Vincent van Gogh as if it was a dream. Vincent wrote his brother Theo: I dream of a painting, and then I paint my dream”.
If Starry night is a dream of Vincent, what does it tell us about him?

Mindfulness: Muse, be Alert, Aware and amazed

Ellen Langer is a professor in psychology at Harvard university. She is also known as the mother of Mindfulness. In her famous book ‘Mindfulness‘ she describes several experiments she has done. She gave people in a nursing home simple choices, for example whether to see a film on Thursday or on Friday. Such a simple thing […]

Dalai Lama dreams: here is looking at you kid!

Today Mindfunda’s guest is blogger Patti Allen. In this blog she shares with Mindfunda she talks about how people in dreams reflect aspects of your own personality. I know Patti Allen as a gifted dreamer, a good writer who combines inner wisdom with straightforward actions. That always gives her that touch of extra magic when it […]

Summer solstice: when the sun does not seem to move

Summer solstice the shortest night of the year, the longest day. How is the earth magnetic field that has an effect on your dream content affected by the summer solstice?

Tryptophan, the royal road to sleep

If dreams are the royal road to the unconscious as Freud once said, then tryptophan is our royal road to sleep.

Time Travel: tasting the future while dreaming the present

Lately, I have had several dreams about time travel. In my first dream, at the beginning of 2015 I was part of a group of people who demonstrated for their right to time travel, It was a high energy, very positive dream. Lots of laughing, lots of talking. I woke up with a very good […]


  Astrology is a very ancient way of dealing with crops. The Indo European people (More info here). As far back as the third millennium before Christ people have been searching meaning in the sky. But in the current day astrology is associated with those fragments in the newspaper: “Aries: today you will meet a tall […]

Psychology professor Stanley Krippner about dreams myths and visions

Mindfunda had the honor of interviewing Stanley Krippner, professor in psychology on Saybrook University about his life. You can watch it on my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to sign up because I will be uploading lots of interesting interviews. Stanley Krippner is a featured speaker on the conference of the International Study for the Association of […]

Mandorla, a way to see the other side of the coin

“The message is unmistakable our own healing proceeds from that overlap of what we call good and evil, light and dark. It is not that  the light element alone does the healing, the place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise. This middle place is the mandorla” Robert A. Johnson I had the […]

What my near death experience did for my life

Never write about yourself is a golden rule in blogging, unless you had a near death experience. So here is my story. Hope you will tell me yours.

Good books on Mindfunda

Mindfunda’s three month anniversary! An overview of the most popular blogs featuring books

Hot on social media

Mindfunda Monthly May’s hottest shares on social media. Check them out now!

Mind your micro expressions?

  Micro expressions. We heard of them. We saw the smile of O.J. and we all thought he was guilty.   Micro Expressions on television A television series called Lie to me was a big hit. A man trained as a super detective scanning people’s faces can spot a liar and solve crimes, keep innocent […]

Lucid dreaming plain and simple

Mindfunda had the honor of interviewing Robert Waggoner about a new book he has written together with Caroline McCready: “Lucid dreaming plain and simple”.

Red Book reading: searching the soul

The Red book. First time I laid eyes on it I craved for it. It is a huge book (not very useful that is why I put a link to the readers’ edition up here) and filled with amazing art. It made an impression on me. I have had the book for several years now and […]

Spirit molecule: the stuff dreams are made of

Is there a specific molecule responsible for dreaming? And -if so- could it be Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)? Rick Strassman wrote a book about it: The spirit molecule.

House of Jesus found by professor Dark

Archelogists claim that a house that has been known as the house where Jesus grew up in might be his actual home indeed. two houses where found (one in 2009) that dates back to the first century. The person that made the connection that this might have actually been Jesus’ house is Professor Dark (there […]

Moon tribute: Connie Kaplan about ‘The woman’s Book of Dreams’

Connie Kaplan talks about how the moon influences your dreaming and how she used the wisdom in her dreams to reconnect with the moon

Spring: when Earth marries nature, or do your dreams change in tune with earth’s cycle?

Spring: I like this season. The temperature is easy: not too warm, not too cold, the Earth returns from the realms of Hades. During Spring several years ago I had this dream: I am standing in a forest, surrounded by elves and fairies. I have the feeling I am “the chosen one” because it is […]

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