Sleep: how long can you stay awake? and 15 other secrets about sleep

What is the longest time somebody did not sleep? What happens in the brain when we sleep? Why do you …

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Tarot Garden by Niki de Saint Phalle – Tuscany, Italy

Tarot represent the archetypical energies of life. Let Mindfunda help you use the tarot with a greater understanding of archetypical energies and how they shape your life. Nikki de Saint Phalle has lived the tarot; she dedicated her life to the tarot garden in Tuscany Italy. An impression from the grounds by Mindfunda.

Little known ways to look at dream content

Alec Berezow of RealClear science finds out after analyzing dream reports of 60 patients there are differences in the way people describe their dream that gives an indication of the success of therapy.

The Human Genome project: how we are all connected

All living things originate from a thread of genetic similarity that connects us and the roughly 10 million other species. Everything is connected.
Old mythologies have told us so, now science confirms this. The human genome project is a project that has bene do fascinating, there is a book you got to read about it.
This book combines science with all the juicyness of human relationships and conflicting characters