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Proof for Atlantis?

Proof for Plato, Atlantis Accurate?
 Is Plato finally proven right? Almost everyone assumes Atlantis was a fictional story told by Plato, but now mythological material has been found in a Sicilian shipwreck. Orichalcum, a material that according to Plato was only made in Atlantis.

The Human Genome project: how we are all connected

All living things originate from a thread of genetic similarity that connects us and the roughly 10 million other species. Everything is connected.
Old mythologies have told us so, now science confirms this. The human genome project is a project that has bene do fascinating, there is a book you got to read about it.
This book combines science with all the juicyness of human relationships and conflicting characters


People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile. ~Lee Mildon
In his inspiring Ted talk Ron Gutman explaines why smiling can make you live longer. You have to smile when you listen to the talk:
Mindfunda Montly takes good care of you 😉

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